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Design & Development - Expert, Rapid
Audio Engineering
, Expert Witness Work -ANC Headphones
High performance loudspeakers and systems design is a specialty.

Current projects include innovative transducers using induction motors. We presented a paper with Wisdom Audio at the 127th Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York the week of October 9-12, 2009, titled "New Induction Drive Transducer Designs".

Another effort is a partnership with INFINITE ENVIRONMENTS, LLC in Van Nuys, CA to design the "FINEST FULLY ENGINEERED AUDIO VIDEO THEATER ENVIRONMENT". Details can be found on the WWW.INFINITE-ENVIRONMENTS.COM site.
In 2008 Dr. Buck served as an expert witness defending a Japanese manufacturer of Active Noise Control Headphones against an aggressively litigious American company. 
Another case was defended for a domestic manufacturer in 2009-2010

The same energy and expertise could be brought to bear again.

My expertise is not limited to headphones, but includes other transducers, acoustics, noise measurement, noise control.
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