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Psychotechnology  is a consulting firm founded in 1982 by Marshall Buck, Ph.D. to do  engineering, design, development and testing of audio equipment and  systems, including passive and active mufflers, silencers, and noise control.

Our specialty is electroacoustic transducers, including loudspeakers and speaker systems.

We also are available for expert witness testimony.

We maintain a state of the art measurement laboratory for acoustic and electronic testing.

For acoustic testing we have MLSSA and CLIO as well as Smaart and Apx  tools, with Bruel & Kjaer microphones accelerometers, and Keyence  Laser Displacement  Measurement to 20 kHz.

For electronics, we use Audio Precision System Two Dual Domain Cascade  equipment, As well as the Apx525 with many option upgrades,  Tektronix  digital scopes,  and Agilent 6.5 digit DMM's.


Advanced Firearm Suppressor Design

There have been few real breakthroughs in suppressor design and performance since Hiram Percy Maxim patented his invention in 1909, although there have been impressive solutions to practical deployment on a variety of action types. 


There are still some areas needing improvement, including:

1. Measurement standards that relate to hearing protection.

2. Measurement standards that relate to psychoacoustic response (audibility/sound signature).

3. Lighter and more compact devices.

4. Better attenuation, such that they are hearing safe without additional ear protection. 

My background includes extensive experience in acoustic measurement, and in psychoacoustics, the science of perception of sound, as well as research in hearing loss from noise exposure.

I am interested in tackling the four areas listed above, using my skills, and also researching improved materials for constructing suppressors.




Telephone (310) 836-4390 

Engineering Technical and Management Experience – 30 + years.

Vice President, Design Engineering, Audio for Computers, Harman International

President, Psychotechnology, Inc. (1982-present)

Consulting Vice President of Engineering, Cerwin-Vega!, Inc. (1976-1990)

Research Scientist, Computer Science Department, UCLA (1972-1976)


California Institute of Technology - Honors at Entrance. Studied Physics and Engineering 1957-61.

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees , in Psychology (Psychoacoustics, Perception, Electro-Neurological Substrates of Behavior)

Industry Service and Awards

· President, Audio Engineering Society, 1990-1991.

· Treasurer, Audio Engineering Society , 1992-2005

· Elected a Fellow, Audio Engineering Society, 1994

· Papers Chair, Audio Engineering Society Conventions, 1986, 2000

· Chair, Audio Engineering Society Convention, 1988

· Chair, Workshops Committee, Audio Engineering Society Convention, 2002

· Task Group Leader, AES-2R – Methods of Measuring and Specifying the Performance of Loudspeakers for Professional Applications, 2004 to present.

· Awarded Distinguished Service Medal, October, 2006, for 25 years of dedicated service to the Audio Engineering Society.

Marshall Buck, Ph.D. Publications

  1. 20 Publications
  2. Six Patents

Expert  witness work in 2008 defending a Japanese manufacturer of ANC  headphones against an aggressively litigious American manufacturer. 

Further expert witness work in 2009-2010 defending a domestic  manufacturer of professional general aviation headsets against an  infringement prosecution. The case was settled prior to trial with  cross-licensing agreements and no monetary damages. 


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